Sunday, September 18, 2011

Miracles of Autumn

The Miracles of Autumn 2 hunt begins and for this hunt you can pick up the following prizes from Fire GOOD!!! and Empyreal Dreams. 

From Fire GOOD!!!
Find the pine cone hidden at the Fire GOOD!!! Main store to grab this awesome magical pine cone wand.  Not only does it have magical particles, it shoots pine cones in mouse view.
magical pine cone wand - launches pine cones n mouse view
From Empyreal Dreams, find the pine cone hidden near the Art Anthology Hub to get these two prizes.
When you put the prizes from Fire GOOD!!! and Empyreal Dreams together and you get this...
Ariel appears to be coordinated!
it's a Miracle of Autumn!
(princess voice) "It's sooo Magical"

The Magic of Autumn 2 Hunt is September 16th - October 16th.


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