Friday, September 9, 2011

L is for Launcherista

Figure 1. Launcherista
noun informal
laun cher ista (plural launcheristas)
ˈlôn chər ēstə

  1. An avatar who creates or promotes the enjoyment of launching projectiles in second life.
  2. An avatar who chooses to accessorize with launchers more than jewelry, bags, shoes, or other typical fashionable items (See Figure 1).
  3. An avatar who judges or considers most things based on their potential to be launched as a projectile.
You too can be a launcherista - these launchers are on sale as a part of this week's Letter of the Week sale event. 

From Fire GOOD!!!
My favorite, the Cupcake Launcher.  This sweet tray of cupcakes launches silly bouncy cupcakes and sprinkles in mouse view.  Only 50L for this week's LOW Sale.
Accessorize with a Sweet tray of Cupcakes

The LOL cat is good for some LOLs - ever since the cat craze hit the grid, many people have been asking me to make a cat launcher.  Well - here you have it.  Only 50L for this week's LOW Sale.
Cute little crazy kitten launches LOL cats in mouse view
Launch some hot lippy lips.
Have fun launching some lippy lips - kissy kissy - How Romantic!

From Empyreal Dreams
Speaking of romance...for the poetry loving launcherista, we have the artful and whimsical Piggy Wig launcher - yet another silly toy inspired by the classic, "The Owl and the Pussycat."  This one launches piggywigs, rings, and pink hearts in mouse view.  How Romantic!  Available half price for the LOW sale at Empyreal Dreams in-world and on Market Place.
Heeeere piggy piggy piggy
Still available LOL Hunt Prize
Don't miss out on the Delicious Fish Launcher - modeled here by one of my favorite launcheristas.
Owly Indigo considers launching some delicious bass in the Indigo Aviary

Find the "LOL" hunt item in the Fire GOOD!!! main store to claim your prize.  HINT: "Cheese makes you strong...behold the power of cheese"  (another hint - you will find the prize near some LAUNCHERISTAS).

More info on the LOL Hunt on the sign at the entrance to the Fire GOOD!!! main store.
More info on Letter of the Week sale here.


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