Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's FUN being GREEN

It's easy being GREEN too when FUN GREEN stuff is on sale.
The letter of the week is "G" so the following GREEN goodies are on sale at Fire GOOD!!! and Empyreal Dreams for this week's LOW Sale.

Available at Fire GOOD!!! in-world and on Market Place:
elegant continuous changing particle effect. 10L for the LOW Sale

Cartoon Action Boxing Gloves - GREEN - are 50L for this LOW Sale

awesome green spaceship - only 50L for this LOW sale

Available at Empyreal Dreams in-world and on Market Place:

Float around in a beautiful pea green boat just like the characters in the classic poem, the Owl and the Pussycat.  Just wear the boat and turn off your AO to float instead of walk.  Leaves a trail of whimsical magical particles as you dreamily float along instead of walking.  Transferable.

Magical Fantastical Pea Green Boat - for ladies

Magical Fantastical Pea Green Boat - for men

See the LOW Sale Blog for other vendors participating in this sale. 

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