Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Launcher of DOOM and some other stuff

Fire GOOD!!! is participating in a new hunt - the Hollywood Walk of Fame Hunt August 14th - 29th.  In this hunt we were challenged to design a prize inspired by a star that we selected from the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I chose Harrison Ford.  The prize is a fun toy inspired by a few of my favorite Harrison Ford movies, the Indiana Jones series.

Presenting the LAUNCHER OF DOOM
A cool indy like whip launches a variety of movie props and DOOM in mouse view.
Find the gold star in the Fire GOOD!!! main store for this prize.  The hint:  "look up there for fire you can wear."

The Letter of the Week is "Y" Fire GOOD!!! is offering a new IRIS Particle Effect in Yellow for the LOW Sale item at the Fire GOOD!!! Main store.

I love this effect, it is so dramatic - you can try the demo for yourself at the main store - so fun!


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