Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good things can happen in Second Life

Today,  I just wanted to share something GOOD that happened in Second Life recently.

Earlier this summer, as I mentioned in my June 30th post, the Operation Squeegee event was held in July.  From a casual plurk observation, to discussion, to idea, to full blown charity event, this initiative unfolded in such an amazing way.  Whenever I reflect on this experience I am so proud of how quickly and the vision was clarified, and all of the volunteers came together along with all of the generous donations making this charity event such a wild success.  

The leadership, follow through, and transparency of the catalyst and founder for the event, Further Monday, was commendable.  Not only did she set up a separate account for isolating the charitable transactions, but she continued to update the group and blog on the handling of financial aspects of the donation to the National Wildlife Federation.  We were excited to see the amount that the charity event raised in Second Life just over 1 million twenty thousand lindens, translating into USD 3,700 donated to the charity.

Last night, Further Monday, "plurked" this photo of the letter of receipt from the National Wildlife Federation. I was so proud to see this and so happy to see how the funds are intended to be applied to the cause.

Congratulations and Thank You to all of the volunteers and donors who came together to make this event such a success.  
Letter of Receipt from NWF

Thanks Further for stepping up to inspire us all to do something rather than just sit around and complain about things we can't control.  What a refreshing experience.  Good things can happen in Second Life.


  1. You've done amazing work! Thank you so much for supporting our cause and helping wildlife in the Gulf.