Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PANDA-monium and Cabin Fever and other Fun Stuff!!!

Fire GOOD!!! is now moved into a new location.  I have been soooooo busy, but now finally settling in.  YAY.

Currently there are some fun hunts going on.  Fire GOOD!!! is participating in the Great Panda Heist grid-wide hunt and the Cabin Fever Grid-wide hunt.

Getting ready for the Panda hunt was fun, I took some time out to do some arty stuff and came up with a purple panda.   Of course i had to make it into an explosion.  So here are the new  PANDAMonium particle effect poofers ...
New Panda play dress... i was messing around in gimp and created a fabric for the dress and the stockings. Green Panda play dress with purple bamboo print stockings.

Oh - and while I am on the topic of play dresses - I did some more playing around in Gimp and came up with a "yeah Toast" print - because everyone needs a breakfast print dress (and stockings).

This was inspired by my friend Gail who serves toast to people in need.  I just think that is so cool.  Here's her story.  Also - if you are feeling enthusiastic about toast - you can float around on this one and shoot toast at your friends

Here's a blue owl dress - inspired by my friend Owly she is kind of into birds, especially owls.

Oh yeah back to the hunts  - here are the prizes for the panda hunt and the cabin fever hunt.

PANDAmonium Particle Effect - explosion of pandas (i painted them myself hehehe) and bamboo and fun.  Activated when you teleport or type /1 poof command in chat.
Cabin fever got you down? Just launch that cabin....this launcher shoots various models of cabins one room and two room cabins with little fire place and rug.   So cozy and soooo launch-able.


There are hunt hints at the main shop, so they are not too hard to find.  

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