Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Fire GOOD!!! Main Store and "Shamrockery"

New Main Store
For the past month or so I have been heads down working on building a new sim with my friends Owly, Angie, and Cat along with a new main store.  I am so excited to announce that it is finally Done YAY!  
The sim is sort of a woodsy, hilly, cottagey cozy community of residences and small shops and features seven seas fishing, and a coffee house / hang out in an old mill.

My friend Javi Bruhl built the main store building, I love it.

  This project was a lot of fun to work on and a great learning experience... more info here about the Ctrl Shift H sim, come and check it out.

Last night, I sent a gift to my subscribo group - an explosion of shamrocks, (my friend Owly called it "Shamrockery" which totally cracks me up).  If you missed out on this just go hit the subscribo at any location and you will find it in the history.  Also in the subscribo gift box is a hint for where to find another fun shamrock explosion hiding out at the main store.

The Bargain Hunters Paradise deal for this week (March 14 - 20, but is available now) is also shamrock themed.
1L Shamrock Party Dress

49L Shamrock Particle Suit - this is a particle effect you can wear over any outfit.
Available at the new main store for Fire GOOD!!!

Have Fun

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