Friday, April 22, 2011

Launching the Easter Bunny on Earth Day

Fulfilling the Dream
Seriously (ok - maybe not THAT serious) I have had this desire to launch the Easter Bunny for a year now.  I started this little project last year, but never got around to finishing it.  This morning while drinking my coffee I decided to just GetRdunnn.   Presenting the Silly Easter Bunny Launcher.
Sweet velvety innocent looking bunny rabbit toy launches a bunch of bouncy silly bunnies in mouse view.  Sending this to my Fire GOOD!!! group today as a free gift (the free one is copy only - if you want one that transfers, it is available at the main store for 100L).  If you missed out on this, stop by the Fire GOOD!!! Main Store and hit the group Subscriber to get one free today.

Low Sale Item: 
The Letter of the week is E - so this magical particle effect, "EARTH" is on sale for 10L this week.  Stop by the Main Store to grab one.  Peaceful, elegant, continuous particle effect features a collage of blended images.  You can wear it or rez it.  Control the effect with chat commands to toggle on and off.  It's just fun to stare at and think about how wonderful our world really is.

For the list of other vendors participating in the LOW Sale event this week, check out the blog.

Have Fun!

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