Monday, April 4, 2011

blue enthusiasts, haunted, feathers and jellybeans

Lot's of fun stuff happening at Fire GOOD!!! here's the scoop.

The Dark Room Hunt April 1- May 31
The folks at Madpea have done it again - another fun gridwide hunt started up April 1st.  Grab a hud and be a ghost hunter to find prizes all over the grid.  Once you find all of the ghosts, you will gain entry to a secret room at the end of the hunt for more fun prizes.

Find the ghost that is currently haunting the Fire GOOD!!! main store for this awesome Ghost Hunter Ghost Blaster.

Finish the hunt to find this prize at the end...slightly haunted antlers!
For the "Why so Blue?" Hunt (April 1- 30) - find the blue teardrop at Fire GOOD!!! for this groovy blue explosion.  Just wear it for an explosion of groovy blue flowers when you teleport.  If you are a "Blue" enthusiast, this is the hunt for you.  90% or more of the prizes will feature blue!
For the Dreamer Gridwide hunt - find diamond at Fire GOOD!!! for this luxurious "Proud as a Peacock Launcher."  Launches an assortment of beautiful bouncy jellybeans that explode with luxurious peacock feathers.  Why feathers and jellybeans? Because it doesn't make sense of course!

The Letter of the Week is P and P is for PINK so stop by the shop and grab some pink cartoon action boxing gloves or a pink bubble spaceship on sale this week.  These are fun toys for goofing off with friends (50L each this week).

For the list of other vendors participating in this week's LOW Sale - check out the LOW Blog here.

Have fun!

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