Saturday, July 31, 2010

Techie Hunt Funky FUN KEY launcher

Fire GOOD!!! and the Ctrl Shift H "Home" Sim are sponsoring the Techie Hunt August 1 - 31.

Stop by for this fun prize from Fire GOOD!!! 

Also - pic up some white rocket feet - the Letter of the Week (LOW) sale item.

Both available at Fire GOOD!!! main store.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Squeegeed Characters Found Outside of Fire GOOD!!! and...JELLO!!!

LOW Sale item of the week..  the letter of the week is  "J" and J is for JELLO!
launch tasty wiggly Jello bars at your friends for half price! YEAH!  Come and get it at Fire GOOD!!! on sale this week at the main location.

The Operation Squeegee event continues - lots of folks have been spotted around the sim and around the grid sporting their Squeegees and Squeegee antlers...Get your Squeegee on!

[13:38]  Caliban Fiul: I used to be a dove

[13:36]  Wai Aeon: now i can scrape gum and wash windows
Hanging out with friends on the dock outside of Fire GOOD!!! (of course Flames were involved)
Left to right: Owly Indigo (with CLOTHES!), Nikko Paulino, PT Beardmore, me.., Lizzie Lexington.

Get your squeegee on and have fun...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Squeegee's Angels

We were messing around having a good time at Operation Squeegee Headquarters and Tidal Shoreline, our fearless leader suddenly asked, [21:47]  Tidal Shoreland: ariel where are you hiding these squeegeed antlers?"

I am no longer hiding the antlers.  Stop by Operation Squeegee Headquarters - and when you donate to Operation Squeegee (pay the big donation bucket) you get a Squeegee Thank you Pack.

Right Near the stage you can also get Squeegeefied Antlers!  Sized for both the gals and guys.  FREE!  This you don't want to miss it is a must have for this seasons fashion.

We Got our Squeegees on and decided to do a Squeegee's Angels Photo Shoot right there...Doing a Squeegeefied look was a challenge as as a group...This was our first try...

Second Try...

We recruited another one!!!

this gave me an idea... i mentioned to Owly:   here's how it went down...

[22:26]  Ariel Wingtips: what do you think of a squeegee blogger challenge
[22:26]  Ariel Wingtips: look of the day featuring squeegee
[22:27]  Owly Indigo: :-O
[22:27]  Owly Indigo: I think it is brilliant
[22:27]  Ariel Wingtips: must include antlers
[22:27]  Ariel Wingtips: and squeegee
[22:27]  Ariel Wingtips: available only at OPERATION SQUEEGEE
[22:27]  Owly Indigo: and the kick in the pants this event needs right now!
[22:27]  Ariel Wingtips: perfect quote
[22:27]  Ariel Wingtips: i shall use the chuck norris pose

Now clearly - I am no fashion blogger, I just mess around, but I think we could have a LOT of fun with this and spread the word about a good cause.
Pose: Olive Juice- Chuck Norris Roundhouse TO YOUR FACE!!!

Here's the challenge - get your squeegee on:

(1) get the squeegee pack and squeegee antlers at Operation Squeegee vendor area - near the stage
(2) come up with a creative look - it can be a fashion pose,  a group, squeegees in the wild, use your imagination...
(3) Blog it!  Add to the Operation Squeegee Flicker Group -

Here's my attempt:

How Ariel achieved this Incredible Look...

Operation Squeegee Items:

  • Squeegeefied Antlers - free from Operation Squeegee
  • Squeegee prop - thank you gift when you donate to the operation squeegee donation bucket
  • Revolt Gasoline Coveralls  - Operation Squeegee 50% donation item
  • Squee ducky shoulder pet - Free at Fire GOOD!!! Operation Squeegee cart.
Non Squeegee Items:
  • Comabat Boots - Abyss
  • *League* Sports Socks (Grey)
  • BEST Pigtails EVER: ** Amrita**[Kasandra-Noon] Carrot-R Blue by Atsuki Kayo
  • skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Pale 2} [Acres] OO
  • pose: [LAP] - C-Strip Tease

Stop by Operation Squeegee for fun squeegee stuff and join in ...I can't wait to see what you will do.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day USA!!!

Special Gift for USA Independence Day - ANTLERS!
These are free at Fire GOOD!!! 
sized for Guys and Gals.
antlers are decorated with wavy USA flag and red, white, and blue stars.
Poofs when you teleport or type /1 poof in local chat.

It's like a fun celebration right on top of your HEAD!!!

Have an awesome day!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Operation Squeegee and Fire GOOD!!!

The following new products are available at the Operation Squeegee event, Fire GOOD!!! cart (near the main stage)  - with 100% of the proceeds going to the National Wildlife Federation.   These items are inspired by the Louisiana Iris - native to the gulf coastal marshlands.

First, a collaboration item for a new venture, ~Empyreal Dreams ~
Louisiana Iris Sculpted Seating for Five:  features original texturing and sculpt work by Remington Aries, with touch toggle particle effect, and five different cute poses.  Have fun hanging out on a flower with your friends.  You can see a demo of this item right in front of the main stage at the Operation Squeegee headquarters.  Watch for more information about Empyreal Dreams later this summer.

For the particle lovers, a particle effect - a poof of Louisiana Iris particles gracefully floats down over you when you teleport or type a simple command in local chat.  (effect lasts around 10 seconds just enough time to enjoy ...ahhhh)

Some sweet Fire GOOD!!! Fashion items inspired by the iris -  Antlers with a touch of sweetness, sort of reminds me of Georgia O'Keefe...
Sun Dress with original textures on multiple layers - two skirt options and sculpted iris corsage.
Matching stockings collection.

Accessories for when you want to pretend that you are pretending to be a Fairy.  They coordinate with all the iris stuff.  ( i was in a totally silly mood when I made these ).

Also - I have a free gift at my booth - this little baby ducky....I named mine, "SqueeDuck."  Stop by and pick up a baby duck and find lots of fun stuff by fabulous designers at Operation Squeegee!

More information on the Operation Squeegee event is available here:

I Love Little Baby and recycling is good too!

Two new hunts begin July 1st.

The Mellow Yellow Hunt - organized by my friend, Mikayla Ares features a silly can as the hunt prize...find the can get the prize. Fire GOOD!!! is participating with extra silliness  - with "CANtlers" for guys & gals AND a can launcher.  CANtlers are antlers artfully decorated with cans!  It's good to re-use...recycle!    Find the squashed can for the prize.  For more information on this hunt, see the mellow yellow hunt blog.

for the story behind the making of this ad, see this blog post LOL!

The Mad Pea Duck Hunt begins July 1st and is a different kind of hunt - there is no set order, but it is random - when you find a ducky you get the SLURL for another hunt location.  Here's the Fire GOOD!!! prize for this hunt - skilled duckling antlers - each duckling makes a baby ducky sound and poofs it's own little poof when clicked.  Visit the Mad Peas website for more information on this exciting hunt. 

Hunt information and hints for finding the prizes is available at the Fire GOOD!!! Main store.

Have FUN!!!