Saturday, July 10, 2010

Squeegeed Characters Found Outside of Fire GOOD!!! and...JELLO!!!

LOW Sale item of the week..  the letter of the week is  "J" and J is for JELLO!
launch tasty wiggly Jello bars at your friends for half price! YEAH!  Come and get it at Fire GOOD!!! on sale this week at the main location.

The Operation Squeegee event continues - lots of folks have been spotted around the sim and around the grid sporting their Squeegees and Squeegee antlers...Get your Squeegee on!

[13:38]  Caliban Fiul: I used to be a dove

[13:36]  Wai Aeon: now i can scrape gum and wash windows
Hanging out with friends on the dock outside of Fire GOOD!!! (of course Flames were involved)
Left to right: Owly Indigo (with CLOTHES!), Nikko Paulino, PT Beardmore, me.., Lizzie Lexington.

Get your squeegee on and have fun...

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