Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Love Little Baby and recycling is good too!

Two new hunts begin July 1st.

The Mellow Yellow Hunt - organized by my friend, Mikayla Ares features a silly can as the hunt prize...find the can get the prize. Fire GOOD!!! is participating with extra silliness  - with "CANtlers" for guys & gals AND a can launcher.  CANtlers are antlers artfully decorated with cans!  It's good to re-use...recycle!    Find the squashed can for the prize.  For more information on this hunt, see the mellow yellow hunt blog.

for the story behind the making of this ad, see this blog post LOL!

The Mad Pea Duck Hunt begins July 1st and is a different kind of hunt - there is no set order, but it is random - when you find a ducky you get the SLURL for another hunt location.  Here's the Fire GOOD!!! prize for this hunt - skilled duckling antlers - each duckling makes a baby ducky sound and poofs it's own little poof when clicked.  Visit the Mad Peas website for more information on this exciting hunt. 

Hunt information and hints for finding the prizes is available at the Fire GOOD!!! Main store.

Have FUN!!!

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