Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pink with a BOOM and POW

Bargain Hunter Paradise Sale item:
The Ladies Boxing Gear in pink is available at Fire GOOD main store for L$49 this week only.  Fun for sparring with friends, these huge shiny pink boxing gloves poof cartoon action particles when you punch and kick.

Other colors are available at any of my shops in world or on XStreetSL, but the pink ones are L$49 sale price this week only at the main store location.

Letter of the Week is "H" ...
On sale this week at the Fire GOOD!!! main store is Hearts on Fire particle effect.  Just wear it and the particles activated when you type /1 poof in local chat or teleport to a new sim.  Arrive in an explosion of burning love.  This item is available for the L$10 sale price at the main store location in world.

Have Fun.


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