Friday, May 14, 2010

A New Take on an Old Myth

I love a challenge. For the Myths and Legends hunt (May 15 - June 15), designers were challenged to come up with a prize inspired by a myth or legend.  I was brainstorming with some friends and they were all..."OOOOOH you should do Pandora's Box..."  I'm all, "ok sure."  So I knew a little bit about it but I had to read up some more on this myth to try to envision a prize.  (here's a link to the wiki article as a start if you want to read up on it too).

Here is what I learned.  OK so, this is a story from Greek Mythology.  The story of Pandora's Box starts with Zeus who was enraged when his two brothers stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind.  So then because mankind had fire (FIRE GOOD!!!) and Zeus was all crabby about it, he created a very beautiful woman (as a punishment?!?!?!).  When she married she was given a jar and told "Don't open it... E V E R!!!"  (just so you know, the voice I imagine for this phrase is Gingy, the gingerbread man character from the movie "Shrek").  So, of course, she opened it, (Who wouldn't?) unleashing all sorts of ills upon the world, sickness, hate, war, and all sorts of bad stuff.  So she quickly closed the jar, just before Hope escaped.

So here's what I think of this myth.
(1) The fire part was cool.
(2) Zeus has a bad attitude.
(3) Women are not a punishment but a gift - so what's with that?!?!
(4) It wasn't a BOX after all, it was a jar, so along the way the story was incorrectly translated turning Pandora's Jar into Pandora's Box.
(5) Why didn't HOPE escape from the jar? That is just SAD!

This myth, I didn't like it so much.  So, I will re-interpret the myth Fire GOOD!!! style.
Presenting:  Pandora's BOXing Gloves

Giant goofy boxing gloves unleash all sorts of particle doom, destruction, and other bad stuff PLUS a little HOPE when you punch and kick.

These were VERY fun to make and even more fun to test.  Here are some of the action shots from the Testing of Pandora's BOXing Gloves.

Owly, Cat, and I dressed up as goddesses and had a super magical smackdown on the roof of my not so secret lab in the sky (where all the buildy magic happens).

First - to show off our goddess hotness...the "Charlie's Angels pose."
 From Left to Right: Owly Indigo ("the self proclaimed Hockey Goddess"); Ariel Wingtips as "Pandora"; Catalina Mistwallow as The Squirrel Goddess (check out the squirrels hanging off her head, they are holding on for dear life).
Action Shots

More action

The Hockey Goddess looks super mean in this shot...don't mess with her.

The Myths & Legends Hunt starts tomorrow, but the prize is out at Fire GOOD!!! already.  So go find it at the Fire GOOD!!! Main Store and have fun!

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