Friday, June 17, 2011

White Glove Treatment

Sometimes it's fun to spar  - give 'em the WHITE GLOVE treatment.  Letter of the Week is "W" so the WHITE Cartoon Action Boxing Gloves are on sale this week at Fire GOOD!!! main store in world and also on Market Place.
for white glove sparring with friends - Huge gloves emit silly cartoon particles when you punch and kick

Speaking of WHITE - the White Iris Particle Effect is also on sale (25L) as a part of the LOW event.  It's PRETTY!!!  Explosion of pretty white particles when you teleport or type simple chat command.  Also available in world or on marketplace.  It's pretty, it's fun, it's arty, it's D R A M A T I C.

slow dramatic artistic burst of iris particles gracefully floats away from you and back again
Check out the list of other vendors also participating in the LOW Sale event this week on the LOW blog.


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