Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tales of Distraction....Mad Pea Hunters.... SQUIRREL!!!!!

Last night I logged in and was chatting with some friends on the bridge in the middle of our sim.  We ended up on a shopping mission to get nerd glasses with color change tape!  How my tape will coordinate with my outfits.

Cat had an idea...
[20:35]  catalina Mistwallow: we should all walk around with bubble chats

Which gave me an idea...
[20:42]  catalina Mistwallow accepted your inventory offer.
[20:44]  catalina Mistwallow: omg ariel
[20:44]  catalina Mistwallow: this is amazing!

Soon everyone was wearing them...
[20:32]  catalina Mistwallow: a must have of this season's fashion that explains why everyone in the next batch of actions shots is exclaiming..."SQUIRREL!!!"

We return to our sim....standing around chatting on the bridge, suddenly I see through the window of my store...FLYING COOTIES!!!!

[20:44]  Ariel Wingtips: omg there is a cootie war going on in my store!

I rush over there to get in on the action and find this:
mad pea distracted in the launcher section of Fire GOOD!!!

[20:45]  Dreams Field: r`help
[20:45]  Graham Sharpless: oops
[20:46]  Dreams Field: laughing
[20:46]  Ariel Wingtips: hahahahaha
[20:46]  Graham Sharpless: is she still alive in there
[20:46]  Ariel Wingtips: i see movement

[20:46]  Graham Sharpless: wouldnt go in there she is covered in cooties
LAUNCHING...donuts, and cooties, and LOLs
Dreams Field and Graham Sharpless were hunting for Mad Peas and seemed to get a bit distracted.

[20:49]  Dreams Field: this is the most fun....of the hunt
[20:49]  Dreams Field: lol
[20:49]  Graham Sharpless: hunt? oh i forgot about that
[20:51]  Dreams Field: lol

LAUNCHING...crazy penguins, popcorn, and tater tots
Soon they were trying all sorts of launchers.  Several people got into the action.
the Tater Tot incident
The war moved out of the store into the vacant lot out back...
LAUNCHING porta potties, pianos, cupcakes
here's an Ariel's eye view of the action...
LAUNCHING yoshi's, beards, cheese, more cooties

There was more launching, more laughing, and on and on.  Eventually ...the tater tot was dislodged from wai's butt by catalina's cheese.  Owly died of laughter.  Then everyone decided to stand on my head and practice balancing skills..... THE END
balancing skills
 Thanks to Dreams Field, Graham Sharpless, Wai Aeon, catalina Mistwallow, Owly Indigo, Flippant Jibilla for cracking me up until I was in tears. You ROCK!


Stop in to Fire GOOD!!! and grab the  mad pea hunt prize and who knows what else will happen.
Have Fun!

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