Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Hallelujahs - Fun is Random

The Hallelujah Azul sim, home of the Jittery Junco, is also a location of one of my shops.  I really enjoy hanging out here when i get the chance.  You never know what is going to happen, but you can pretty much guess by the tag line collection on the Junco wall.

It cycles through some silly things like:
Hallelujah - Naked Happens
Hallelujah - Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang
Hallelujah - Watch out for flying prawns

I have been super busy lately, so it was fun to log in last night, receive a TP and end up at the Jittery Junco.  My friends were hanging out.  Pretty soon we had a crowd.

We did a furniture stress test...

Someone asked..."Whatever happened to Tub Talk" so we rezzed a tub.

Dance Party Happened...

Flames were added....

and it just got nuttier...

You never know what is gonna happen at this sim but many of my most fun SL Memories were made in this place.  Go check it out! 

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