Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I caught some folks having fun with the hunt prize!!! hahaha

Lately every time i log in and pop into my main shop, i see someone floating about in the Second Life Discovery hunt prize.

That is so fun!

Here is a group of hunters floating around trying to bump into each other while bubbling. Ha ha!

The SL Discovery Hunt runs May 1 - June 30. More info at www.sldiscovery.com.

Fire GOOD!!! is Shop #318 Here's a peek at the hunt prizes - come and get 'em. (Find the Magnifying glass for the prize).

Discover Space Stars Explosion
Just wear it on your avie - and Tp or type /1 poof for "explodey" fun

Float around in a starry bubble instead of walking - just wear the bubble, turn off AO and go.

Click the bubble for cool starry particle effect.


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